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The Spa & Wellness Association of India (SWAI) is a non-profit trade association that represents the interests of the professional spa & hospitality industry. Created in April 2006 when Parineeta Seithi (Asia Spa Magazine) and Carina Chatlani (Body Bistro) joined forces. SWAI serves the industry through five core competencies: preservation and protection of India's traditional therapies, spa & hospitality education opportunities, government advocacy, tourism promotion, commerce activities, research/statistics and media relations. 

Media Links:

Press Release - Jan. 10.07

Press Release - Sept. 08.06

Definition of Spa

Spa - A business for the promotion of health care and wellness.  Its main services consist of massage and water applications, but may include steam, sauna, exercise, nutritional therapy and dietary programmes, yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, along with traditional and complementary medicine.

Services provided should not come in conflict with any Medical Profession Acts.

(Provided by request - Source: 'unofficial translation' - Royal Thai Government)


Traditional Therapies
Protect and preserve
India's formidable therapies

Medical Tourism/
Health Care Destination
India's growing private
state-of-the-art hospitals.

Wellness Spa
Teaching Partners and
indigenous ingredients

About Membership:

Members also benefit from extensive networking resources, benefit providers and more. To join the association, fill out the online application or download a membership application. For more information on membership, please email the SWAI Member Services Department at info@spaandwellnessassociation.com 

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